Here are some of the kind things our workshop hosts and participants have to say about us and our venue. We are grateful for their feedback and continued support.


The workshop space was spacious and a pleasure to be in. They house itself is beautiful to behold, with its warm colors and lovely views of open fields and trees. The hosts were warm and welcoming, and the food was some of the best I have had in a retreat center. I felt very safe, very well cared for, and I do hope I can come back!

Ariel Giarretto – Faculty, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute USA

I really loved your venue. I particularly liked the plentiful sofas and relaxing area, which so many venues lack. I also loved the way you and Jackie welcomed everyone with such warmth, giving a feeling somewhere between being house guests and members of the family. And the aesthetics of the group room were really uplifting.

Abel B’Hahn

Mark Brown has created this wonderful venue for events and workshops from an old bullocks’ shed. The care and attention to detail in the building is also reflected in his welcome and comfort of his guests. I particularly liked the sunken area of the lounge with sofas of all shapes and sizes on which to relax and discuss the day. Nice large workshop room too.

David Shilton

Bullocks Ley has been lovingly built by Mark Brown, who hosted us this June. Mark has used gorgeous materials and workmanship to create a series of buidlings that are lovely inside and out. Huge oak beams all over the place! In the main building is a large workshop space on a mezzanine floor, with large living and dining area beneath. The kitchen is open plan to all this. The bedrooms/dorms are comfortable with high quality bunk beds, including some doubles. I slept soundly! Mark is a kind and generous host, and his attention to detail is evident from the design of the buildings right through to the choice of teas on offer. I look forward to my next visit.

Charlotte Whitestone

Bullocks Ley sits in the quiet countryside of Suffolk close to the borders of Norfolk. Upon arriving one is welcomed not only by the tranquil sounds of the countryside, which in itself is a welcome break from the humdrum of city life, but welcomed also by the gentle layout of the buildings that are Bullocks Ley.

A barn, converted and extended, is surround by grassland and an old cattle pond which gives the visitor a feel of what was once a busy working agricultural holding. The owner, Mark Brown, having built the majority of the buildings with his own hands, has used natural materials such as oak to belay a soft and gentle structure to Bullocks Ley. I found the interior just as welcoming as the exterior, being a person who appreciates the natural crafts of wood work particularly when using oak.

The whole setting of Bullocks Leys is well thought through with extensions (pods) that are accessed from the heart of the building, each pod contain 4 bunks beds and each bed containing mattress that provide the visitor with what I would describe as some of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. The bathrooms (of which there are plenty) provide excellent hot water and are again clean, tidy, well designed with the user/visitor in mind.

The communal areas - being the kitchen, dining area, lounge and garden area are in adequate proportions - big enough not to feel cramped with 20 or so other bodies. The kitchen facilities were excellent - providing tea/coffee, snacks and 3 meals a day (all dishes served were delicious, nutritious with vegan and vegetarian options available for those with certain dietary requests) served with perfect charm, assistance and good humor.

The mezzanine floor is a fantastic space where our workshop was held, plenty of space to move, stretch and sit without feeling on top of one another – which is something I have found difficult at other venues. Light and spacious with fans in the ceiling to help swirl the fresh country air coming through the windows around. Not one fault could I find (not that I was looking for one).

The character of Bullock Leys and Marks unending friendliness and charm go hand in hand.

It was a delightful visit. A jewel.

GC – Workshop participant

Mark has created a beautiful space which will enhance any event and his passion to make your stay perfect in every way will leave you feeling valued and cared for. Bullocks Ley is not just a venue, rather a complete and loving experience for those who value community and connection!

Colin Campbell

An oasis of tranquillity in deepest countryside, beautifully shaped building, letting in natural light and sunshine. Comfortably furnished in light shades, it is both conducive to quiet reflection and provides ample space for sitting round a wood-burning stove or sitting on comfortable sofas for lively social interaction. Upstairs, a large workshop space allows for multipurpose use, from yoga to arts and crafts, team building, discussion and debates, with plenty of windows for a light and cheerful atmosphere.

David Clark – Workshop participant

Bullocks Ley has great facilities with a large, light filled group room and comfortable beds. The design of the whole venue gives it a feeling of spaciousness, I especially loved the openness of the dining room and seated area downstairs.

Helen Trenor

I have had the pleasure of leading several events at Bullocks Ley. The craftsmanship of the venue is superb, and it feels great to be there. Mark Brown is easy to work with, and a man of very solid integrity. He and his team have made every effort to accommodate our needs, and make us feel at home. Put this beautiful and unique venue on your short list.

Jason Weston